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10% Discount With Indie Cottage Marketplace Code

If you’ve visited the Indie Cottage Marketplace Website or an Indie Cottage Marketplace Pop-up Show you’re in luck!

These ladies are shakin’ and movin’  supporting the small business Makers community in Contra Costa County.

Check them out today!

I offer a 10% discount to Bespoke customers who want custom designed pieces. Just visit the Indie Cottage Marketplace website and search for the code on the Entrepreneurs page or visit one of their Pop-up Shows and be sure to ask for the Dancing Goddess Designs Bespoke Discount Code!

Exclusive Collection

Custom Jewelry Only by Dancing Goddess Designs
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“Dancing Goddess Designs have been adorning my Goddessy self for the past decade! I love each and every handcrafted pair of earrings and unique necklace and bracelet designs.

I plan on continuing to add more Dancing Goddess Designs to my growing collection of beautiful and whimsical jewelry, including an ankle bracelet or two in the near future!”

Sage Mueller


“I’ve aquired many pieces of jewelry through Dancing Goddess Designs…

I can say that not only do I feel beautiful and powerful while wearing these incredible jewels, I get more compliments and more inquiries then any other pieces I wear.

Sandy puts so much love, energy and effort into each unique piece she makes, you won’t be disappointed! Well-made, great quality and truly made with love.”

Tamara Butler


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Amanda Klein